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Angel Fajardo

Angel Fajardo

Branch Manager Private Money South Wind Financial 

Angel has been employed at South Wind Financial since early 2016, currently serving as the Branch Manager at Private Money Real Estate Financing, where he manages an average annual funding volume of $40 million. His professional journey in the mortgage lending sector began in 1992, encompassing notable roles such as a top producer and shareholder at Loan Star Mortgage from 1992 to 2000, and co-founding Direct Investors in 2007. His achievements in this field are marked by an impressive track record, including averaging $50 million in loan volume annually from 2004 to 2007 and receiving the highest rating of “1” in the 2009 & 2010 mortgage annual examinations. He has built and maintained a robust network, comprising over 5,000 clients and contacts. Additionally, he spent time in Minnesota, focusing on marketing child development courses in rural communities.

His military background includes serving 4.5 years in the US Air Force, during which he was honored as the Airmen of the Month in 1983. Following his active duty, he served an additional four years in the Air Force Reserves while concurrently pursuing his education, culminating in a degree from the University of Hawaii.

Outside of his professional life, he is actively involved in community service. His past activities include teaching Sunday school for elementary grades, volunteering for AMOR Ministries, Habitat for Humanity in Las Vegas, and various Church Mission Trips, and being a former member of the Lion’s Foundation.

On a personal note, he has been happily married to Elizabeth Roberts Fajardo for 30 years. Elizabeth is the Manager for the South Wind Financial Corporate office. Together, they have two wonderful children: Taylor, who is a personal trainer and massage therapist, and Kourtney, who holds a Master’s Degree from NYU and works as an event planner for Meta. They are also blessed with a grandson, Koa, who is four years old.

In addition to his professional and family commitments, he engages in a side project for fun and productivity, currently developing ranchettes in Hulett, WY. He lives by the motto, “God is my Boss, and I’m His employee. I’m very thankful for my everyday salary called LIFE, with benefits called BLESSINGS, and a reward called Eternal Life.”

John Rasmussen

John Rasmussen

Asset Valuation Manager South Wind Financial

Affectionately known as Ras by those who know him well, is a seasoned asset valuation expert at South Wind Financial. With over six years at the firm, Ras has become a specialist in assisting borrowers navigate the complexities of securing qualified loan officers for their “Private Money” requests. His approach involves closely listening to clients’ needs and crafting tailored strategies to not only meet but exceed their expectations. Ras brings to the table an impressive business acumen, cultivated over 55 years, which he leverages to transform borrowers’ needs into achievable realities.

A crucial skill that sets Ras apart is his genuine ability to understand clients’ needs and formulate effective strategies to provide loan officers with two key pieces of information: an accurate valuation of the borrower’s property and a clear assessment of the borrower’s ability to repay the loan. Hailing from Nebraska, Ras embodies the Midwestern values of integrity and high character, principles that guide both his personal and professional life.

Ras’s philosophy is straightforward yet profound: “Business goes where it’s invited but will only stay where appreciated”. This belief underpins his commitment to customer satisfaction, a hallmark of his professional interactions. Ras’s business acumen has deep roots, going back to his childhood experiences working in the farming and meat packing business with his father from the age of 10. These early years were instrumental in shaping his understanding of business principles and work ethics.

Beyond his professional life, Ras is deeply committed to his faith as a disciple of Jesus Christ. He actively shares biblical principles for business and enjoys participating in bible studies. Family is also a significant part of Ras’s life; he cherishes time with his nieces, nephews, great-grandchildren, and is an avid fan of Cornhusker football, passionately supporting his team with a resounding “Go BIG RED!!!”.

When away from the office, Ras is equally engaged in managing the ranch he co-owns in Wyoming. His responsibilities there include working with cattle and overseeing the hay crop on an expansive 1,300 acres, a testament to his dedication and hardworking nature.

Liz Fajardo

Born Leader and Branch Manager at South Wind Financial

Embarking on her academic journey at Idaho State University in 1979, a future leader in the mortgage industry chose to major in Marketing with a minor in Accounting, graduating in 1984. Beyond her academic accomplishments, she was actively involved in university life as a cheerleader, a senator for the College of Business, and a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, experiences that honed her leadership and teamwork skills. Today, she leads a successful mortgage company with over 20 years in the business, specializing in a wide range of programs tailored to homeowners’ needs. Her company stands out for its specialized, diverse team and the long-term relationships and partnerships she’s cultivated in the industry. Treasuring every referral she receives, her story is a testament to dedication, expertise, and a deep commitment to helping homeowners navigate the complexities of mortgage lending.

Christine Brown

25 Years in the Financial Sector

Professional Background: With over 25 years dedicated to a career in the finance industry, I specialize in meticulous loan document preparation, private lending, closing coordination and financial management within the mortgage loan industry with HQ based in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A fervent advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), I have been selected for the inaugural National Mortgage Brokers Association Committee for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within the mortgage industry. Recognizing the transformative power of diversity, I champion initiatives that foster inclusivity. From promoting educational programs to advocating for equitable policies, I am dedicated to reshaping the narrative of diversity in the financial sector. My experience in working for the State of Nevada Equal Employment Opportunity Division also fostered my interest and need to champion equal employment rights for minority groups. My commitment extends to fostering a more inclusive and representative financial landscape for all. Personal Pursuits: Outside the boardroom, you will find me engaged in strategic games like pickleball and ping pong, indulging my love for travel, and cherishing precious moments with family, friends and of course, our fur babies.

Penni Goodall

Independent Owner, Operator and Team Member

Penni Goodall is the owner and operator of First Rate Processing, a contract processing firm she founded in 2007. Her journey in the mortgage industry started 43 years ago as a Mortgage Loan Processor at First National Bank of Anchorage, Alaska. Her career took her from Alaska to various pivotal roles across the mortgage industry in Atlanta, GA; Alexandria, VA; and Las Vegas, NV, where she spent 21 years. Throughout her career, Penni has gained extensive experience in roles including Mortgage Processor, Loan Officer, Wholesale Account Executive, Branch Manager, and Underwriter.

In response to the 2007/2008 market downturn, Penni returned to her roots, establishing First Rate Processing. Since 2011, she has been running this successful business from NW Tennessee, continuing to collaborate with Las Vegas loan officers. Penni has also held prestigious positions such as Past President and Secretary of the NV Mortgage Brokers Association. Outside of her professional life, she is actively involved in a local charity group supporting schools, senior citizens, and community members in need. Penni enjoys life with her husband, whether it’s boating on the lake, motorcycle riding, reading, or playing with their dogs.

Mae Bueta

Mae Bueta

Dynamic CPA, CRM Expert and Social Media Influencer. 

Mae Bueta is a dynamic professional whose expertise spans across several domains. A licensed CPA in the Philippines with a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, Mae is recognized for her profound knowledge in accounting and finance. Her career, however, extends beyond the confines of traditional finance; she is also an ex-international runway model and a prominent social media influencer in the mommy niche, now making waves in Las Vegas. With a strong following of 320,000 on Facebook as Forevermommy, she has built a robust platform where she shares her experiences and insights as a proud mother of two boys.

In addition to her accounting prowess, Mae is a CRM expert who has developed processes for both blue-chip companies and small businesses, showcasing her versatility and innovative thinking. Her multifaceted skill set, from finance and customer relations to social media influence, makes her an invaluable asset to any team, highlighting her ability to adapt and excel in various environments.

Maximiliano Lopez aka Max

Maximiliano 'Max' Lopez

A Visionary in Real Estate and Digital Marketing

Introducing Maximiliano Lopez MEI (Masters of Entrepreneurship & Innovation), or Max, a trailblazer at the intersection of real estate and digital marketing. With roots in Australia, Max’s distinct blend of linguistic skills in English and Spanish, marked by an unmistakable Australian accent, enables him to excel in diverse global markets.

Max’s academic achievements, including a Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, coupled with his pursuit of a Masters of Marketing, have equipped him with a robust foundation to innovate and lead in the competitive digital landscape. His career is highlighted by groundbreaking marketing strategies that have not only earned industry-wide recognition but also significantly advanced community engagement initiatives within the real estate sector.

A proponent of visionary thinking, Max has seamlessly integrated his passion for real estate with digital marketing excellence. His notable contributions include creating a highly acclaimed YouTube Marketing course at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, that bridges the gap between digital marketing theory and real estate practice. His strategic foresight was also instrumental in defining the brand and digital presence of Coin Cloud ATM, showcasing his ability to drive brand resonance and engagement in innovative ways.

Max’s dedication to the real estate industry is further exemplified by his creation and teaching of a comprehensive course on flipping million-dollar properties, a testament to his expertise and visionary approach in transforming the real estate market through education and digital innovation.

Dive deeper into Max’s contributions to real estate and digital marketing by exploring his insightful video on flipping high-value properties: [YouTube: Million Dollar Real Estate Flipping Course].

Join Max as he continues to redefine the boundaries of real estate and digital marketing, driven by a commitment to innovation, education, and a visionary approach that shapes the future of the industry.

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