Realty Lending USA




You will need a signed purchase agreement on a property, and all your documents in place to start an application with South Wind Financial Private Money Branch. 

Also this is not a Traditional Loan so continue the process, to initiate the begining of the loan. 

When applying for a loan you will need to fill out some information. Our advice is to be honest and direct; this information is used in the screening process and loan application. If any questions are answered incorrectly a Team member may reach out to you in relation to your application. 

The goal is to Apply which starts the loan process in earnest.

  • Start – Create a username and password. Your legal identification and general information.
  • Loan Details – (Fill out what was discussed or desired), Terms, Interest, Purpose etc.
  • Borrower Information – Social Security Number, ITIN, Gross Income, Income Sources, and other information.
  • Assets and Liabilities – Bank Accounts, Retirement, and other Accounts you have. Other Assets you have, Liabilities and any other Real Estate.
  • Declarations – A list of general questions in relation to your finances and the property.


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