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Introduction to Hard Money Lending

Hard money lending, an often-misunderstood facet of the financial world, stands as a crucial lifeline for many real estate projects. This form of financing is known for its speed, flexibility, and reliance on collateral rather than the borrower’s creditworthiness. Over the years, hard money lending has evolved, adapting to the changing landscapes of the economy and the real estate market.

At its core, hard money lending is a form of asset-based loan financing. Lenders offer short-term loans secured by real property. Unlike traditional bank loans, these loans come from private investors or companies and have different qualifying criteria. They are particularly popular in real estate transactions where time is of the essence, such as fix-and-flip projects, land loans, and construction loans.

The purpose of this article is to delve into the world of hard money lending through a series of case studies. These studies illuminate the practical applications, challenges, and successes of hard money loans in various real estate ventures. By examining real-world examples, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of how hard money lending works, its benefits, and its risks.

Whether you’re an investor, a borrower, or just someone interested in the dynamics of alternative lending, these case studies offer valuable insights. They not only illustrate the mechanics of hard money loans but also highlight the strategic decisions and risk management approaches that lead to successful real estate investments.

In the following sections, we will explore the nuances of hard money loans, introduce the players involved, and dive into the heart of this article – the case studies. Each study will provide a unique perspective, showcasing how hard money lending plays an indispensable role in different real estate scenarios.

Join us as we embark on this journey through the world of hard money lending, where each case study opens a window into the sophisticated strategies and decisions shaping today’s real estate financing landscape.


In this particular project, the borrower undertook the fix and flip of a single-family home, where the rehabilitation funds were carefully managed through a rehab voucher control system to ensure proper lien release and efficient workflow. The house underwent extensive renovations including a complete clean-up, fresh painting both inside and out, and the installation of new front shrubs to boost curb appeal. Significant updates were also made to the pool area with the installation of new decking. The kitchen received a complete overhaul with the removal of old fixtures and the installation of new cabinets and quartz countertops. Additionally, all the bathrooms in the home were modernized, featuring new walk-in showers and updated tile surrounds, contributing to the overall transformation of the property.

KB Home Investment Property

Loan Amount; 339K
Underwriting; Approved
Loan structure: 18 months

Purpose: First-time borrower, needed to close fast and called  to see if we could help.

Underwriting went through the loan process over the phone in 15 minutes and the borrower was excited to get his estimated settlement statement for the loan.

We did the in house underwriting in 20 minutes, contacted the escrow company to let them know that our company would be financing it.

Disclosures went out that night through DocuSign and this deal will close on time end of January 2024.

Jones Las Vegas Nevada

Property type: Commercial building
Property value: $7,300,000.00
Loan amount: $2,950.000.00

Purpose of loan- refinace to buyout partner and reduce the interest rate

Jones Las Vegas Nevada

Land Deal

Property Value, 3 Parcels of Land: $1,300,000.00
Loan amount: $425,000.00

Purpose: purchase commercial property with nothing out-of-pcket and finance entitlement cost. Collaeralized additional 2 acres that was free of any mortgages/liens

Multifamily Las Vegas

Value:  $1,200,000.00
Original Loan: $650,000.00 
Modified Loan: $950,000

Purpose: 1st transaction to buyout partner and the modified loan was for rehab and entitle vacant land for multifamily.

Commercial Refinance Las Vegas

Property Value: $1,650,000.00
Loan amount: $500,000.00

Purpose: existing loan was maturing and addtional funds needed for rehab cost.

Fast Purchase Las Vegas Nevada

Property Value: $2,900,000.00
Loan amount: $2,150,000.00

Purpose: Purchase investment property in 2 weeks for discount price. Also, provided an additional $600k for the down payment, using an additional LV highrise condo(owned free-n-clear).

Capital Business Expansion, Las Vegas

Value: $946,000.00
Loan: $550,000.00

Purpose: Borrower needed operating capital for business expansion

FIX & FLIP, Las Vegas

Purchase price: $340,000
Value:  $396,000 to $420,000
Loan:  $300,000.00

Purpose: Fix & Flip acquistion. Borrower walked into signifcant equity and loan needed to close quickly.

QUICK CASH OUT, Las Vegas Nevada

Value: $2,540,000.00
Loan:  $1,360,000.00

Purpose: existing client who needed to access liquidity quickly in order to fund a NEW business venture.

Medical Expenses, Las Vegas Nevada

List Price: $2,400,000.00
Loan: $1,450,000.00

Purpose: borrower financed a loan to assit a sibling with a huge medical bill and needed to an interim loan until house coudl be sold without having to sharply discout the selling price.

Discount Investment, Las Vegas Nevada

Value: $325,000.00
Loan:  $225,000.00

Purpose: The borrower needed to close quickly for a discounted investment property purchase. 

Fast Cash, Las Vegas Nevada

Value: $850,000.00
Loan: $400,000.00

Purpose: The borrower needed to acquire property quickly and didn’t want to undergo the grueling process of a bank loan. Borrower planned to retire this interim loan from cash flow.

Business Opportunity

Value: $615,000.00
Loan: $300,000.00

Purpose: The borrower needed quick financing in order to venture into a Business opportunity. She used her debt free commerical buidling to access liquidity with 10 days.

Needles Marina, California

Address: Needles Marina, CA
Value: $12,000,000.00

Purpose: inital loan to buy-out partner and then provided a subordinated loan, behind our original first mortgage, used for the following: upgrade electric & sewer,  add fire protection system, build out storage center, and remove existing pool in order to construct a new resort style pool & spa.

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